is a Website primarily devoted to the sharing of pictures and information on fossil crinoids and echinoderms, my interest, generally from the eastern interior basin where I have collected fossils form. Over time I wish to develop the website to exhibit most of the significant echinoderms forms available. My interests are in crinoids and the various echinoderms but all phyla are important parts of the marine community. Crinoids and Echinoderms are part of a community of fossils you can find so I will show pictures of the diverse phyla encountered with the crinoids. These fossils are part of the record and history of life on Earth, the active dynamic ever changing Earth we live on. website is a photo gallery type site with a geology section containing selected geological sections, and a surface geological map of the eastern interior basin area.

A Forum Section and a Chat page is on the Website menu so others can submit Fossil Photos and information to be added to this website, and we can have some interactive discussions on fossils too. Photos submitted to the forum section are limited to 1 MB in size. You need to tell us your name, the genus and species of your fossil, the formation etc., Geologic Period, the County and State the fossil was found in. This information will be added to the fossil gallery with your photo.



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